Monthly Archives: November 2007

Dear Everybody,

Happy Deepawali! Wishing you all Peace and Happiness for the months ahead!

And for the Deepawali gift for you… actually it’s brought to you by two talented men: Sudipto Basu and Sumit Ghosh and it is our new website Check it out…

Both have generously given their time for the cause of Kameshwaram. I thank them both sincerely. Here are their details. I heartily recommend them for all web-design work that you may need.

Sudipto Basu, digital graphics and web designer, has created our new website and will also be maintaining the database for our eLibrary. He is a science honours graduate and has done his masters in marketing & sales management. Later on he learnt calligraphy, 2D animation, photo restoration, packaging design and of course web designing. Hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal, he is settled in Pondicherry since 1998. He can type 15 languages: 7 Indian languages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil) and 8 European languages (English, French, Flemish, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese) for Desk Top Publishing. His website is Email:

Sumit Ghosh is the proprietor of “Glosoft India” based in Kolkata, West Bengal. He is a web developer & programmer and specializes in HTML, Javascript, ASP & Database Management. His practical experience dates from May, 2001. Email:

With best wishes,
Shyama V. Ramani