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Dear Friends,

I spent two years repairing many of the installations that we had helped to finance in Kameshwaram. There are no NGOs that repair existing installations  and this explains why there are so many abandoned toilets, solar driers and other abandoned structures in India. There are many NGOs that put in installations but none that maintain them!

By the end of 2011, we still had about 200 toilets to repair and another 450 toilets to build for complete sanitation coverage. Given the scale of this construction, I really needed a new plan. Thus, Friend in Need or FIN launched the social enterprise FIN-SWAM in July 2012. SWAM stands for Sanitation and WAste Management. FIN-SWAM became fully functional recently. It is a social enterprise manned by local s from Kameshwaram and nearby villages and the town of Nagapattinam. We are also collaborating with other social enterprises, Bharathi (India) and United Donations (France) to realize our goals.

We have revamped the website with powerpoint presentations on these new developments. Unfortunately, the French side of the website always lags behind because it takes time to translate the documents into French and put them up. So I would like to thank all our French donors for their patience and tolerance with this delay. As always please feel free to send your comments.

Please do take a look at the following – all the files except the last one take at most 5-10 minutes to scan through:

  • FIN SWAM – details
  • The toilet repair project
  • Friend in Need evolution
  • Collaboration with Bharathi
  • Collaboration with United Donations
  • What happened between Jan 2011 and June 2013 – (big 50 slides)

(Editor’s note: The contents of these files will be incorporated into the new website)

Thanks and Best wishes,
Shyama V. Ramani