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Friends of FIN India

FIN India, is as you know a social venture directed towards sanitation and waste management for rural India, it is also a community. A community wouldn’t be called so without its friends and we make it a point to show case some of our friends through our Facebook page.

The Facebook page itself was the brainchild of one of our Friends Joanna Oman. She is Marketing and Admissions Manager at Brunel Business School and is part of the team that took the school to great heights -Brunel Business School was voted Business School of the year in the UK by the Times Higher Education Awards Committee. Prof Ramani who was also a part of the school, knew Joanna only in passing, until they began talking, after which there was no turning back. Joanna is volunteering to apply her expertise acquired on digital communications and across diverse communities for the good of enhancing the outcomes of the FIN projects. When asked about what she would be getting in return she had this to say, “I love working for a great cause with passionate people, and the founder of FIN is just that: a truly passionate person who is interested in really giving all of her talents to help change the world. It’s a great inspiration to be around someone like this and learn from them – which is what I get out of this.

One of the other Friends of FIN closer to home is M. Subburaman, who was the winner of the SIDC2010 contest for implementation. He is the founder-director of SCOPE, a successful NGO in the field of sanitation based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Mr.Subburaman has travelled all over the world and given advice on how to build cost-effective and safe toilets. A champion of the urine-diversion toilet (ecosan) in India, he is teaching our masons how not to waste space while building safe toilets. He is also a brilliant speaker he enthralls audience of all ages with his jokes while teaching them about sanitation.

Finally on home ground there is the head of the Panchayat in Kameshwaram, Kanagasundaram  who is also a dear friend of FIN. A successful politician with the communist party and farmer, his dedication, intelligence and energy are most noteworthy. He works as hard as a dozen top executives put together – from morning till night making things happen.