Monthly Archives: June 2014

Who am I?

I am Felix, a master students at Brunel University London, and a volunteer helping to create awareness about the purpose and mission of the social venture “Friend in Need” (FIN).

As you might already know, FIN is supporting people in India’s rural areas to build and maintain sanitation systems. To cut a long story short, FIN is working to create a demand for toilets, building awareness on sanitation, educating village residents on why investing in a  toilet could improve their health and thereby their lives (more details about FIN’ mission). Then FIN is also paying for 50% of the labour costs of construction, as most of the families that FIN is helping are very poor.

My Mission For Friend in Need

I didn’t want to do just a ‘normal’ dissertation where you foremost work for a good grade at the end. (Don’t get me wrong, I am still aiming for an A!) I wanted to make a difference with my research. Therefore, I decided to work together with a charity, the Friend in Need India, offering them my expertise in online marketing to help them out in their online marketing communication. Furthermore, Shyama Ramani, the founder and leader of FIN, gave me the opportunity to use the charity as the framework for my research.

Essentially, I am going to look at how charities can use social media communication effectively to achieve their mission and goals. These could be:

  • increasing awareness of a certain problem (e.g. people in need),
  • reaching a bigger audience and thus potential supporters/donators,
  • increasing the amount of donation in the long-run, or
  • acquiring more volunteers and/or personnel.

What’s My Next Step?

Last week I created a short survey to get a first idea of people’s social media behaviour and if they have donated money online to a charity before. Additionally, the survey asks the reasons for which people donate in general, and what they get from supporting a non-profit organisation.

So, if you can spare 3-5 minutes of your valuable time, the FIN team and I would be more than happy if you could answer this short questionnaire:

The results of this survey will give me valuable insights, which will help me in preparing and optimising the social media campaigns. Furthermore, insights of people’s reasons of why they donate money to a charity will be valuable contribution to my research.

Question Questionnaire - Charity

What have we achieved so far?

So far, by working on awareness creation about FIN, we have significantly increased our fan base on Facebook and hope to reach more people on the world’s largest social network. We have improved our website. A new design has been uploaded a few weeks ago. New volunteers have joined the FIN team.

Thanks again for your help and support!