To Identify a model (or a set of models) by which villages in India can be as clean and healthy places to live as anywhere in the world.

Vision – To identify the model (or set of models) to make Indian villages clean

  • about_us_missionCreate a social venture in Kameshwaram that practises social responsibility vis-à-vis its own staff, the local residents and the environment.
  • Make Kameshwaram as clean as any village in the world.
  • Create awareness. Increase knowledge base. Build local capabilities. Empower the people.
  • Cooperate with local government bodies.
  • Experiment and Identify the ‘organisational’ model by which this can be achieved.
  • Document the entire process truthfully.
  • Share it with the world and discuss it.
  • Develop models that can be useful to the government for its programmes.
  • Integrate the participation of students and provide them with opportunities to learn.
  • Help other non-profits active in the development field by sharing knowledge.

Targets to achieve in Kameshwaram

  • About 500 safe and well constructed toilets with clean documentation on the process and the costs.
  • A waste management system in which about 1500 households and 50 other organisations pay for waste collection.
  • A village level compost yard for maximum recycling of collected waste.
  • Clean ponds.
  • Livelihoods between Rs 5000 – Rs 15,000 for about 20 people as FIN staff, auto-financed by the above activities.