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For the Golden Hearted Girl with the Unicorn and the Finnie*
There was once a nice girl with a unicorn,Her heart was as golden as a harvest time ear of corn,So when a finnie went to her,And asked,“Can you help us build a toilet my dear?”She replied:“Of course” in a voice that was crystal clear!
So she gathered her friends,“My birthday is coming, my dears,And if you love me,Give me not cake,Nor flowers,Nor gifts,But money to help build a toilet, For two fishermen families, Who will never have a toilet otherwise, I fear.”
Her friends who loved her,Worked hard to please her,Funds poured in to reassure her,Mr. Paranjothi ran to the fishermen,And the masons,And the painter,And the plumber,And all the finnies,“We must now work hard, for –We must not disappoint her”.
Dear Lady with the unicorn,And finnie,The toilets are fully made,To last decades and decades,The ladies need no longer be afraid,Their necessities no longer delayed,On your birthday the foundation was laid,On finnie’s birthday the fruits of your labour fully paid!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
By I-am-not-a-poet-except-when-the-mood-makes-me

*Finnie refers to an active member of Friend In Need India!