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Dear Friends,

Here’s all that’s been happening since the last six weeks on the project.

We are at about Rs 30,000 Rs now in terms of promises of donations on the Indian side. Thanks to all who have spread the word among their friends, colleagues and relatives.

There are about 4000 Euros or about 2.2 Lakhs of Rupees which have been collected in France. The project UN-AMI will be launched with an initial injection of these funds, with 1.1 Lakhs of Rupees going to the Indian and French NGO respectively for the first semester of the project September 2005 to January 2005.

The fund collection mechanism has been fixed in India. The money will be sent to the Indian NGO Scope and a MOU or a memorandum of understanding will be formulated between the Students Association SOS of the Grenoble Business School, which is handling the funds management in France, myself as coordinator of the project and SCOPE. A separate bank account has been created for the funds coming from abroad and a separate bank account has been created for the funds coming from all over India. All donations will be exempt from tax. For the funds collected within India, Mr.Subburaman the trustee of the NGO SCOPE has explained that it is best to send the money in the form of a DD or demand draft in order to avoid excess service charges on cashing of cheques. Details will be specified soon.

We will start collection of funds from the Indian side once we reach a first target of 1 Lakh rupees in terms of promises.

The Indian side comprises Indians and NRIs based in the USA and Europe. Once we reach the 1 Lakh first target ….all Indians based in Europe will send their cheques to the Association SOS of the Grenoble School of Management. We are in the process of finding an academic partner in the USA who will gather all the cheques from the Indians based in the USA, convert it into one single cheque and send it to the Indian NGO Scope.

I am in Delhi at the moment and will be here till Saturday. I can be reached at 011 26895501 between 8.30 and10.00 PM. From Sunday evening I will be in Bangalore. I can be reached at 080 25592219 between 8.30 and 10 P.M. in the evening. Please do not hesitate to call me:

  • If you want any clarification or if you want to make a suggestion;
  • If you want to do any kind of volunteer activity, especially through partnership with French schools and the school being attended by your children.
  • If you can help us find a journalist who would be interested in covering our project.
  • If any of you have contacts with “The economic Times” because we would like to submit articles on this project to the paper from an economics perspective.
  • If you want me to address any group in either Chennai or in Bangalore on the project.

My son Vivek and his friend Emmanuel have started creating the website for this project. Just go to or type “Franco-Indian Reconstruction Project after the Tsunami”. It is a very simple website as both the boys are only 12. The advertisements will disappear soon. If any of you want to improve the website or add anything just send your suggestions to Vivek at my email address.

I hope to reach the 1 Lakh target during the coming 6 weeks and as usual I NEED YOUR HELP !!!! You will be hearing frequently from me during the coming weeks.

With best wishes to all,
Shyama V. Ramani