FIN Kameshwaram Innovations

Kameshwaram serves for us as a living lab and a sandbox within which we experiment and co-create innovations to address local challenges. Moreover, it is clear to us that our innovations can serve similar challenges all over India. So we invite you to take a look at our grass-roots, frugal, base of the income pyramid (BoP) innovations, which are design and/or social innovations, to address problems in safe sanitation and waste management:

  • Frugal means – that they are not a complex product.
  • Grassroots means that they are co-created with the local, i.e. Kameshwaram community.
  • BoP – means they can be applied in the context of deep poverty.
  • Social means that they are meant to trigger behavioural change or create social value or shared value (e.g. through better environment for all).

A Public Waste Bin

Designed by: Shyama V. Ramani and Paranjothi Singaravelu

Idea given by: M. Shanmugarajan

Innovation installed in June, 2017

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Household waste tin

Designed by: Paranjothi Singaravelu and Shyama V. Ramani

Idea given by: Meena (V. Vaijayanthi)

Innovation installed in June, 2016,

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A urine diverting dry toilet or ecosan and bathroom

Designed by: Shyama V. Ramani and Paranjothi Singaravelu

Idea based on: A Practitioners’ Handbook (UNICEF, 2011, p.29)

Innovation installed in April, 2017

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Thaneerpandal Bus-stop

Social Innovation to create village pride and hygiene
Conception by: Shyama V. Ramani
Painted by: Students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Nagapattinam

Project implemented by: Zoë Heritage (Volunteer 2016) and Paranjothi Singaravelu
Bus-stop inaugurated on August 26, 2016

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