FIN Knowledge Sharing

FIN team members and FIN interns work on making teaching tools in the form of videos to raise awareness, create motivation and educate on WASH issues.
This is how each tool must be used.
First, in the classroom or workshop session ask the ‘Teaching Question’ and solicit answers from students or participants.
Second, show the video.
Third, discuss with students or participants about the answers to questions again.
Fourth, explain the ‘Teaching Points’.


Teaching Objective: What are the differences between a social enterprise, an NGO, a social entrepreneur and a social activist?

Credits: Video Created, Produced and Directed by Kapil Pincha, FIN Intern, August 2017
His background: Just completed M.A in Development Policy, Planning and Practice from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur campus. 

Teaching points of video:

  • A social enterprise is an organisation, which runs on three necessary principles; (i) addressing a pressing social need, (ii) by applying business principles to its functioning and (iii) growing through payments for its products and services by users or beneficiaries or third party financiers. (Note a business enterprise is exactly the same wherein ‘social need’ is replaced by ‘market demand’)
  • An NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization, which may or may not incorporate one or more of the three necessary principles of a social enterprise for its functioning.
  • A Social Entrepreneur is an individual, who seeks to address a social need, but who may or may not implement business principles to function. They survive through investing own funds or raising funds from others.
  • A Social Activist is an individual who is a salaried or a self-employed worker, lobbying for a particular cause, view-point, societal state or action/policy.
  • Companies have to work hard on their communication strategies to change the stereotyped notion that a company’s CSR department is an extension of their Advertising division.

Reference: Ramani, Shyama V. , Shuan SadreGhazi & Gupta Suraksha, 2016, Catalysing innovation for social impact: The role of social enterprises in the Indian sanitation sector, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, doi: 10.1016/j.techfore.2016.10.015