fin_logo1Friend In Need India is a social venture created by Professor Shyama V. Ramani, to help village communities in India achieve complete sanitation coverage with waste management. Based in the coastal village of Kameshwaram (Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu State), it has formed a social enterprise with its staff drawn from village residents. Students and other professionals form the cadre of volunteers, who assist in local capacity building. “Our objective is to make Kameshwaram a village as clean as any in the world with complete sanitation coverage. We want a Kameshwaram with clean fields, clean ponds, clean roads and a clean beach – which means we have to convince the villagers to use garbage bins and toilets! We are still experimenting with different models by which to accomplish our mission and we are documenting the process so that others can also learn from our experience…. welcome and thank you for reading!”

Shyama V. Ramani