This is a group that actively discusses all activities in Kameshwaram and WASH (Water, Waste Management, Sanitation and Hygiene Behaviour) issues in general.They mentor volunteers, accompany projects, give feedback on our progress, and participate in our events whenever possible. They also write many of our Facebook posts – a medium we use to educate, motivate and raise awareness about WASH issues to bring about positive change.

Sueli Brodin

Sueli Kyomi Brodin – Communications and Connecting people and issues


Rushva Parihar – Corporate relations, Research and fund raising

Raji Ramani Srikant Project accompaniment and administration

Raji Ramani Srikant – Project accompaniment and administration


Shanmugarajan – Project accompaniment

Manasi Seshaiah

Manasi Seshaiah – Research and mentoring students


Shankhajit Sen – Research and Administration

Venkataraman Shankar – Project accompaniment

Shyama V. Ramani – Visioning, Writing and Coordinating