What we learnt ! FIN Interns speak out…..


FIN internships are intense but in a good way. There is a lot that can be learnt from a professional as well as a human point of view. Take a look at what our recent interns have to say about their experience with us.

This experience has taught us a lot, on the professional side as well as on the human point of view. Now each of us will tell you what we think are the most important lessons we got out of the FIN internship experience.
Hi, I’m Manon Palomo. I am 24 years old from ENSAE, France and my main learning was:

  • The importance of having only a few but clear and specific objectives, so we are able to achieve them.
  • The necessity of others; to work in a team is very efficient in terms of division of labour. Each person has particular capacities and fields of expertise: to understand these differences and to mix them lead to a better work.
  • Within teams, the ability to listen and to adapt are essential to progress.
  • That the most important is the passion we put in a project. To overcome the – numerous – obstacles, it is fundamental to love and to believe in the work we do.

Hi, I’m Pranay Jain from IIT Kanpur in India and I am 23 years old. I learnt that:

  • A common goal can unite people speaking different language, from different countries and following different cultures. Work ethics also play a key role here.
  • It is more important to find one’s passion, the work done accordingly would automatically be more efficient.
  • Every person has his/her own comfort zone and the way to work with them would differ. Success of a project depends sometimes more on inter-personal skills than technical know-how.

Hi, Lucile Rogissart, from Sciences Po in Paris, France and I am 21 years old. For me the most important lessons were:

  • Synergy is crucial regarding team work. The recipe for it is a subtle balance between hard work and chill time, individual and common work, as well as a good knowing of each member’s capabilities and aspirations.
  • Cultural differences are mainly affecting the software of people’s mind, but the hardware (the values, the ethic…) can be very close between two people from opposed parts of the world.
  • I learnt how to work in very autonomous way, under numerous constraints and how it can improve creativity among the team and the individuals.

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